About us

Quoc Thien Coffee Trading and Manufacturing Company (VINA ROASTER) is functioning as a high-quality coffee roaster producers in Vietnam up to now.

Although the coffee market in Vietnam is very hard and competitive, after 2 years of establishment, Vina Roaster has become a coffee roaster brand which is trusted by many domestic and foreign customers.

Compared with imported products, Vina Roaster has the same quality. However, with the reasonable price, Vina Roaster has been a great solution for enterprises, organizations and individuals working in the coffee industry. Today, they can own coffee roasters to serve their business.

With a passion for machines and coffee beans, Vina Roaster's management team and staff have consistently improved their machines to bring the best value for each product.

The quality of roasted coffee, the dedicated attitude of customer service very dedicated and the warranty policy satisfying all customers have made Vina Roaster to be proud of its result despite its young age in the coffee market.

Vina Roaster has supplied thousands of small and medium roasters ranging from 5kg, 10kg, 20kg to the large machines having a capacity of 30kg, 60kg and 120kg for customers in the national country and neighboring ones, as well as contributed to build a clean roasting ground coffee market for consumers.

Today, we are still accumulating the latest and most advanced technology to improve our coffee roaster so that the beans roasted from our machine have a unique value. Moreover, Vina Roaster will continue to strive further to co-operate with Vietnam's coffee market.

When owning a Vina Roaster, it doesn’t mean you are just owning a machine, we also give you an opportunity and an advantage for your business.


Address:                30/13 Kenh No.1 Street, Tan Tao A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Xưởng sản xuất:   74 Nguyen Van Cu, Tan Tao A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline:                  0906 306 780

Website:                 vinaroaster.vn - vinaroaster.com

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