Agency policy

With the desire of bringing coffee roaster Vina Roaster closer to many customers, we look for distributors with preferential policies and great advantages from our products.

When you become a Vina Roaster distributor, you will:

1. Be given the ultra-high discount on the unit price as soon as the customer orders;

2. Fixed business policy during the cooperative process;

3. Products are improving day by day, thus they are favored by consumers;

4. Competitive price, long-lasting cooperation;

5. Diversified products which are rich in designs;

6. The design is modernized to be in high rank;

7. Direct warranty policy for consumers;

8. Be always supported by the most skilled technicians;

9. Be freely promoted on Vina Roaster's media channels.

In particular, you can sign the contract "EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION" with Vina Roaster.

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