60kg Hot air Coffee Roaster

60kg hot air roaster with advanced technology to improve the quality of roasted coffee beans for roasting coffee.

Technology & Features
Drum Roasting
Drum Roasting
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Heating Technology & Methods
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Energy saving
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Multi Point Temp
Multi Point Temp
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Drum Speed Control
Drum Speed Control
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Ceramic Chamber
Ceramic Chamber
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Blower Speed Control
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Indirect Flame
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Automatic Electric Valve
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Green Product
Green Product
General Features
  • Funnel of the roaster coffee

    - Contain coffee beans for a batch of roasted coffee

    - Material: Inox

    - Size: Cone shape

    Drum roasting machine motor

    - Deceleration motor: TOSHIBA brand

    - Voltage: 220V, 380V - 50Hz

    Drum roasting machine

    - Specially designed with one or two layer heated

    - High heat resistant material to increase the lifespan of drum roasting machine

    - Especially with the design of the wings to minimize roasted coffee beans after roasting and keep them shiny.

    Thermal fan

    - Single phase, three- phase motor - Trantechno brand made in ITALIA

    - Voltage: 220V, 380V- 50Hz

    - Noise limited: 80db

    Cooling chork and cooling fan

    - Designed to cool coffee beans after roasting and used to gather eyebrows and smoke to escape the roasting room.

    - Inox 304

    - Motor cooling chork: 3 phase gearbox from LiMing brand

    - Motor cooling fan: from Trantechno brand

    - The time to cool the coffee after roasting without the phenomenon of coffee beans in the next time.

    Thermal sensor


    - Temperature sensor is placed inside the drum


    - RIELLO burners imported from ITALIA with

    - Burn gas completely

    - No longer impurities and gas smell

    - Coffee beans quickly smell after roasting

    - Saving gas

    - 100% indirect heating method

    The body of the machine

    - High strength steel, assembled into frame

    - Heat-resistant concrete bunkers

    Control cabinet

    - Designed with small size, next to the body of the machine

    - Electric motor control equipment:

    + Power switch: Idec

    + Temperate clock: Hanyong

    + Time clock: Omron

    + Press idec and Idec

    + Replay Omron or Idec

    + Ignition unit made from Taiwan

    + Gas control valve: Taiwan

    + Emergency button: idec

    + Wire: Thanh Dat brand

    + Wire power enclosed

    - Control and operate easily due to the computer mounts the sensor and the system temperature.

  • Capacity

    60 kilos/batch, 120 – 180 kilos/hour

    Roasting time

    18-25 mins/ batch

    Thermal energy consumption

    3 - 3.5 kilos gas / 100kg of input green coffee with humidity of coffee is 10% ÷ 12%:

    Electric power


    Special Function

    1) Equipped with air cushion

    2) Gas-fired system is specially designed for roasting coffee, control flavor manufacturing process included sour, bitter and the last taste for coffee beans during roasting.

    + Control the amount of gas produced in the roasting process: NOx, COx,... and minimized gas

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